The Leading Public Adjusters in Texas, Utah, and Arizona

Before you file a property insurance claim, you need to contact the top capital claims public adjusters at Valley Adjusters. As a residential insurance loss adjuster, our specialists are ready to help you rebuild your life after it is affected by natural disasters. We streamline the home insurance claims adjusting process so you get a more comprehensive, faster settlement.

Making home insurance claims can be a very stressful process for those who don’t know what they are doing; especially if their insurance carrier isn’t playing ball. Luckily, our property damage appraisers are ready to help clients located throughout the states of Arizona, Texas, and Utah. As the best capital claims public adjusters, we work hard to advocate on your behalf to ensure that you get the money you need to begin putting your home back together.

Independent Insurance Adjuster Pay

When you hire our public adjusting firm, you are choosing to work with a residential insurance loss adjuster with a proven track record of getting larger settlements for the policy holders we serve. Our team of structural engineers and property damage appraisers are ready to assist you with your claim from the beginning of the claims process to the very end. This helps us ensure that you receive the quick and fair settlement you deserve.

You are in good hands when you listen to our insurance claims advice. That is because our specialists will remove your uncertainty and guide you through the entire home insurance claims process. Our team is ready to handle claims related, but not limited to:


Hail Storms





Roof Collapses

Helpful Home Insurance Claims Advice

You probably wouldn’t want to go to court without a lawyer or try to run a business without an accountant. It is the same mentality when handling a home insurance claim without the assistance of a public property damage appraiser. Trying to recover from a disaster can be difficult and overwhelming, especially as you try to work your way through a complex insurance policy with vague language, multiple coverage questions, and the need for meticulous damage notes.

Our expert public adjusters in Texas, Utah, and Arizona are here to represent you throughout the entire claims process. With us by your side, you will have knowledge and skills at your disposal that will make it easy and efficient to get the proper payout you deserve.

For advice on home insurance claims, contact us at (800)658-8814 for the best insurance company adjuster in Texas, Utah, and Arizona.