Efficient and Reliable Insurance Company Adjuster in Utah, Arizona, and Texas

It doesn’t matter what type of business you might own, if you are trying to recover from a disaster, you need your business claims handled as quickly as possible. The longer you are stuck in the commercial insurance claims adjusting process the more likely it is for you to start to lose capital. The commercial catastrophe adjuster at Valley Adjusters understands how time sensitive your commercial insurance claims are and is willing to do what it takes to have your issues quickly resolved.

No one knows your business better than you do, which is why it is critical for you to apply that knowledge when you are dealing with a major loss. Use your skills to maintain your operations and make vital business recovery decisions while our team handles the drudgery of filing your commercial insurance claims. We are ready to file business claims for clients located throughout the states of Arizona, Texas, and Utah.

Business Claims to Help You Recover

As a policyholder, you want a commercial insurance claims adjuster that works for you instead of working for the insurance company. Our experienced team successfully helped numerous businesses get back on track and we can do the same for you. By working with our team of public adjusters in Texas, Utah, and Arizon, you are able to eliminate the time consuming process of understanding complex insurance claims processes so you can focus on the speedy recovery of your business.

With over 15 years of experience of insurance claims adjusting, our capital claims public adjusters in Texas, Utah, and Arizona, are capable of working with recovering businesses of all types and sizes. When your business experienced property damage or business interruption due to a fire, flood, hurricane, or other disaster, our team will be there to assist you. We handle claims related, but not limited to:


Hail Storms





Roof Collapses

Assistance with Commercial Insurance Claims


Property insurance and business interruption claims are both very complicated issues that can be pretty challenging for someone not versed in the language of insurance contracts. As your public commercial insurance claim adjuster, we are able to represent you while helping you fully understand your policy. This ensures that you know what you are entitled to and that our team will work hard to get you the best possible outcome from your insurance provider.

Your top quality public adjuster in Texas, Utah, and Arizona will approach each and every case without any conflict of interest. That means we are not working for the insurance company, trying to find ways to diminish the amount of money you receive from your claim. We are fair and thorough throughout the entire claims process and look forward to helping your business get back on its feet again.

Our catastrophe adjuster is dedicated to helping business owners located throughout the states of Arizona, Texas, and Utah. Contact us at (800)658-8814 to learn about how we can assist you with your commercial insurance claims.