Figuring Out ALE (Additional Living Expenses)

damaged houseAs a homeowner, it is important to know as much as you can about your insurance. One type of policy in your insurance is ALE (Additional Living Expense) coverage. This policy applies to any money you spend that exceeds your normal expenses after your property is damaged. Things that would be considered ALE are:

  • Temporary or Replacement Living Situations: If your home is damaged and in the midst of being repaired, you typically have to evacuate your home till it’s over. This means you will need to find an alternate place to live such as a hotel, rental home, etc. With ALE coverage, you can be reimbursed for the costs of your hotel, rental home, etc.
  • Food: When waiting for repairs, your kitchen may be damaged to the point where it needs to be fixed or it is deemed unfit for cooking in. As a result, you will probably eat at restaurants or find already prepared food to feed yourself and your family. With ALE, you can get money back for any costs you spent on food during the repair period.

It is important to note that ALE coverage applies to expenses that are of equal value of your living expenses before your property damage. For example, if you need a rental home, it will need to be the same size of your current one. If you own a four bedroom house, your rental home will need to be a four room home as well.

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Difference between ACV and Replacement Cost

public adjuster surveying home damage

When your property is damaged, there are many factors you need to take care of. Some factors are as follows: the safety of your family, assessing the damage of your property, and finally, how to replace your damaged property. When you begin the process of fixing and replacing your damaged property, you should meet with an experienced and trustworthy public adjuster.

However, before you meet, it is important to know some things about your homeowners insurance. One thing to know about is the difference between ACV (Actual Cash Value) and Replacement Cost. Read on to learn more!


This policy covers your home and possessions for their market value before they were damaged. Since your items are most likely used, depreciation will be a factor in how much money you receive. One way depreciation is calculated is by the portion of its life expectancy. For example, your roof may have a life expectancy of 30 years. The claims adjuster will see how old the roof is at the time of the incident and calculate the expense then. If you’ve had the roof for 15 years or so, the ACV will be half of the original cost.

Replacement Cost

The replacement cost of your possessions is based on the cost you initially paid. If the item or possession that needs to be replaced is no longer available, you will be reimbursed the equal amount paid or with an item of similar costs.

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Secure Your Home Against Natural Disasters: Part 1

1Natural disasters will always happen and no one can ever really be prepared for them. However, it is important to try to fortify your home so that your family is safe. Also by securing your home, the costs of repairs for all the damages will be less.

Hurricane Protection

If you live in an area that is subjected to hurricanes often, it is definitely wise to fortify your home as much as you can. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Windows: To prevent shattering and potential injury to your family, you should consider installing durable storm shutters to your windows. You can also look into impact-resistant glass for your doors and windows. This can help lower any risk of flying glass hitting you or your family members.
  • Garage Doors: You can fortify garage doors with steel and strong locks. You may also want to think about windowless garage doors to lower any chance of broken glass.
  • Roof: There are special clips and straps made of steel that you can purchase to secure your roof to the rest of the house. Most roofs are held together with nails so during a hurricane, it is very easy for the binding to tear apart.
  • Build a safe room: The ideal spot for a safe room is in your basement but if not, a room in your home will do. Talking with a contractor will help you figure out how to make this room as durable and hurricane resistant as possible.

Of course, during any extreme natural disaster, damage to your property will occur. However, by taking certain precautionary measures, you can lower the risk of harm towards your family and home.

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Preparing for an Insurance Company Adjuster

One of the scariest things to happen is your property getting damaged by nature which is why when it happens, it is important to act quickly with insurance so that the repairs can begin. Here are some steps to prepare for repairs on the damages:

  1. Figure out insurance: This is one of the most important steps because it will help you figure out how to begin the repairs and how much the costs will be. Once you informed your insurer of what happened, you should arrange to meet the claims adjuster at your property.
  2. Fix up Property As Best as Possible: If there are any repairs you can do without injuring yourself, it is recommended to do them. This way, the overall repair process will potentially be less expensive and quicker to complete. It is also important to make lists of all the things that were damaged. Before fixing up the property, take as many pictures of all the damage for you and the insurance company’s records.
  3. Keep Records of Everything: Besides pictures, it is important to keep organized with the insurance claim reference number, receipts, repair bills, and any other paperwork involved with the repairs.

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