The Next Step in Insurance Claims Adjusting

Have you recently suffered damage to your residence or commercial property? Let our experienced and professional capital claims public adjusters represent you. We are experts in our field and will assist you throughout the entire insurance claims adjusting process. Don’t wait until it is too late to get the outcome you deserve from your commercial or home insurance claims. Call our insurance company adjuster in Utah, Texas, and Arizona before you file your claim to ensure your receive all the money due to you for property repairs.

There are a number of different perils that can befall your property and each one comes with their own unique challenges when it comes to substantiating your claims. With the help of our capital claims public adjusters, we can make sure everything is filed correctly so you won’t struggle to get your compensation. Our insurance company adjuster in Utah, Arizona, and Texas, are more than ready to help you today.

Phase 1

Establish There Is A Covered Loss

phase 1phase 1phase 1

  • Retain Valley Adjusters To Settle The Claim
  • Open The Claim
  • Valley Adjusters Performs a Thorough Damage Assessment Inspection
  • Valley Adjusters meet on site with the Insurance Adjuster
  • Insurance Company Sends Out A Written Report Acknowledging a Covered Claim

Phase 2

Reach An Agreement On The Amount And Extent of Damages

phase 2 phase 2 phase 2

  • Review The Insurance Estimate
  • Identify Differences Between Damage Assessment Reports
  • Respond With a More Complete and Equitable Estimate
  • Additional Onsite Inspections
  • Involve a 3rd Party Appraiser When Necessary

Phase 3

Coordinate The Roof Replacement/Repairs

phase 3 phase 3

  • Finalize Approved Scope of Work Per Claim Settlement
  • Receive Colors Selection Approvals From You
  • Schedule Installation Date With You
  • Coordinate Roof Replacement and/or Other Repairs

Contact our capital claims public adjusters to start working your way through the different steps of the insurance claims adjusting process. Our residential and commercial public adjuster works hard to assist customers located throughout the states of Arizona, Texas, and Utah. Give us a call today at (800)658-8814 to learn more.